Enjoy a Glass of Wine and a Little Art at The Vino Gallery

The next time you and your friends make the drive into St. Louis, ┬ácheck out The Vino Gallery. It’s a new wine boutique that carries artisan beers and wines and teaches a great deal about wine, how to choose it, and how to drink it. They host regular wine classes and tastings to help you learn a little more about wine or to enjoy the flavors you already love.

The daily tastings are after 4 PM on weeknights and all day on Saturdays, so they’ll be easy to attend outside of your work or school schedule. The Vino Gallery is also a gallery that showcases great local art that you can enjoy while sipping a glass of wine.

You can get to The Vino Gallery in 30 minutes from your apartment at Westmont at Chesterfield. It’s definitely a great stop for a night in the city, and would make a great place to go with friends or for a portion of a date.

Have you ever been to The Vino Gallery? If so, tell us about it in a comment.

Photo credited to dicktay2000.

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